12 Of My Favorite Feelings

12 – Eating home-cooked meals

11 – Folding laundry after pulling it out of the dryers

10 – Being productive and getting a ton of tasks accomplished before noon

9 – Watching videos of babies, marriage proposals, choreography, and Thai commercials

8 – Applying my favorite lipstick and then blotting it with a tissue afterwards

7 – Laughing really hard from someone else laughing really hard

6 – Being the little spoon

5 – Having a catch-up conversation with my best friends and not realizing we’ve been talking for two hours


4 – Being reminded of God’s love through worship songs

3 – Hugging my baby brother and feeling his little hand “patting” me on the back

2 – Using a Biore nose strip and looking at all the white/blackheads

1 – Having a conversation with my mom that leads to both of us crying about growing up and growing old


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