When I Forgot My Suitcase…

Hey there.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been packing up my apartment to move back to my parents’ place (yay me). I have had boxes of stuff stacked in my living room and every day that I walked past them, it has just been a painful reminder of how much I have accumulated in the last 10 months. If you’ve met me, you probably know that I love to collect memories – I’m a memory hoarder. I love holding onto things like birthday cards, photos, old notebooks from class, clothes, etc. I don’t know why – I just feel like a protective mother bear when it comes to the material goods and physical items in my life.

Anyways, last Thursday afternoon when I got off work, Charles and I started loading up my vehicle (her name is Luna); we took turns lugging my boxes and playing Tetris inside my car – this was so much fun in the heat by the way. So yadda yadda we finished moving my stuff and I was soon on the freeway and on my way back home. My drive back went by super fast and I was in such a good mood through the whole 3.5 hours because of the sunny weather and lack of traffic. I was listening to my playlist on YouTube which definitely helped the time go by quicker. 

So I pull up to my parents’ driveway, I’m stoked to see my little brother and my niece…but then I realized something: I. forgot. my. suitcase! Here I am, trying to restrain the panicking feelings that were about to explode in my chest. I immediately called Charles and told him that I somehow managed to forget the suitcase that I had packed the night before for the weekend…this meant I didn’t have any clean underwear, changes of clothes, a toothbrush or any of my hygiene products that I usually use on a daily basis.

Don’t worry: everything worked out, I was able to get a few pairs of undies and a toothbrush from Wal-Mart that night, thanks to my mom (who laughed when I told her my situation). But forgetting my suitcase was actually a blessing in disguise. I was able to spend my weekend worrying about more important things like: bothering Yeeleng when he was trying to watch surprise eggs on the tablet, kicking a soccer ball around with Janella and hearing her screams of joy, waking up to Aryia and her cute double chin, and being able to sit at the table to share a meal with my parents. I even managed to spend my nights out to see some old high school and college friends – and shoo, they had no idea that I had worn my shorts the night before or that I was going to reuse my t-shirt for pajamas later that night… I was happily doing all these things and I honestly didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing or if my face needed makeup. My appearance didn’t matter because my focus was occupied by the cuties around me.

In retrospective, I don’t need all this stuff. This is stuff that I pack in boxes and it goes back and forth from different apartments and eventually back to my parents’ and then back in boxes again. Why do we do this to ourselves? I managed to go on four days and four nights without the things that I thought I absolutely”needed” to get me through an extended weekend at home. And maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last 10 months wearing khakis everyday but I think I’m slowly becoming a minimalist. We live in a country that is so focused on consumerism and capitalism and the promotion of constantly wanting more. This made me think back to one of Jerry Seinfield’s stand-ups about “crap-ifying” our lives and what actually happens to the things that bring us that feeling of instant gratification. If you haven’t seen it yet, oh-ho-man: Feel free to have a good laugh!

The point is this: all things on Earth only exist in different stages of becoming garbage. Your home is a garbage-processing center where you buy new things, bring them into your house, and slowly crapify them overtime. This is your life.”

Makes me wonder how I have managed to live my life like this for 23 years. I’ve literally wasted energy moving garbage back and forth and collecting soon-to-be trash and idolizing crap that would just get crappier over time. Even as I’m writing this now, I’m looking around my room and thinking how much I still have to move. I’m tired. I’m going to try to continue this minimalist thing and find a balance with my life. I would rather much spend my life enjoying my family and friends than stressing about what I’m going to wear. But every event happens for a reason and I know that my God was reminding me that there is a lot more I should feel worried about than my purple suitcase. -PCL


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