I (Almost) Stole Something

Whether we like to admit it or not, we know that stealing is wrong – matter of fact, we’ve been taught at a young age that we shouldn’t take something that isn’t ours because if we do, the feeling of guilt will haunt us forever and our moms will beat us with a flip flop or the closest object by her.

*record scratch*

Here’s a story of when I almost stole – but didn’t. And then something greater happened. 

Hi Katie.

I recently complimented my friend Katie on her new purse and wallet that she got from Kohl’s (she used to work there and we still joke all the time about how majority of her wardrobe is from there). Anyways, she influenced my decision the following day to take a visit to Kohl’s to check out their wallet selection and I was hopeful to find one that was similar. I know I shouldn’t shop just for the sales but I ended up going to Kohl’s and spending a good ten minutes scavenging through the wallets and finally found one!

dis wallet literally didn’t have a price tag on it.

Yo. I suddenly started to feel my face get relly hot. Here was this easy opportunity for me to just casually walk out of the store and not pay for anything. I thought about slippintumblr_o7d4vwo96b1tkb2p0o1_500g the item into my purse-backpack or nonchalantly under my phone as I held them both in my hand. Then I thought: what if I’ve been lingering around the wallet area for too long? Isn’t it obvious? Shoot, are there security cameras on me right. at. this. MOMENT??

But I remembered something more important than the overpriced wallet and the temptations of getting away with theft… I thought about my (almost) 2-year pursuit and walk with God, how I’ve been seeking out the confidence to center my life around Him. It’s been so difficult learning about God on my own and taking this chance means I am willing to go against the word of Christ. The 10 Commandments tells us that we should not steal–simple as that. So I shook my head and walked up to the cashiers. There was a long line.

I stood there patiently waiting with my palms half-sweaty (knees weak, arms are heavy) and I reflected on how I almost just stole. I waited and watched the 3 customers before me pay for their items, using their Kohl’s cash and not knowing whether to swipe their cards or insert their card’s chip… I thought about how materialistic it was to desire such a thing if I wasn’t even willing to use the money in my current wallet to pay for it. No one on this earth is entitled to anything and we should remember to appreciate every cent we have to spend.
Once I got up to the cashier (let’s call her Kristin) , I told Kristin that this wallet didn’t have a price tag on it. She checked all the pockets and slots and told me she needed a product number to identify it in order to ring it up. I mentioned that I might have seen a wallet that was similar to this one with the price tag on it but I wasn’t sure how much it was. Kristin leaned over her cashier space to ask her coworker (let’s say her name is Barbara) what she should do. Barbara used her walkie talkie to call another person to go check the price. Kristin told me to wait on the side of the checkout line while the other employee went to find the right price for me. She continued to help the next customers in line.
tumblr_oc84hhws5m1tvshdyo1_50015 minutes later, I’m still waiting on the side of the cashiers… Kristin walks over to me and said “you should just go see if you can find that other wallet that’s similar to this one and I will ring you up next.” * OH GOSH IS THIS A SIGN MAYBEE THUH PEEPLE IN THE SECURITY RUM SAW ME THENKING ABOUT STEALING *

I went back to where I found the wallet and searched for one that was almost identical. It was priced at $32. The employee that was requested over the walkie talkie to check for the price was standing in front of the wallets and I told them, “I was the customer who had a wallet without the price tag but I think I found one just like it” and walked back up to the cashiers. I ended up searching on my phone for an additional Kohl’s in-store coupon (15% off) as I waited in line for the second time.

(If you’ve read up to this point – thank you – my story’s almost over, I promise)

Barbara was the next cashier available and I handed her both wallets and told her I just wanted the black one. Kristin comes over and I hear her whisper to Barbara: “please offer her an additional store discount since she waited so long.” The total came up to $22.40 and then Barbara says: “we’re going to add another 30% off to this, is that ok? thanks for waiting.” 30 off was better than the 15 that I found on my phone so I took it and thanked them.

I ended up paying $16.54 for this wallet and I was so happy. Once I was in my car, I called Charles right away and he said something like: “See? God’s looking out for you! He had something better planned for you, even though you thought about stealing.” So true. I’m incredibly glad I went with my gut and I didn’t steal or felt impatient as I waited for the employees’ help. Praise the Lord. God is constantly showing me grace and forgiving me for all the things I do wrong and this was a great reminder that God is perfect in all ways.

Friends, it is way too risky to even think about doing something so stupid. I recently had to fill out several different paperwork for criminal background checks and authorization to check the entire status under my social security number. It’s such a privilege to have a clean record for jobs and professional certifications. I plan to keep it that way! Pachoua: please continue to be smart and think twice before considering something as pathetic as theft. It’s…patheftic. (c wut I did thare)

Moral of my wallet story:
Don’t fall into the temptations of doing something that you know is wrong. Even if you don’t believe in God, you must believe in doing the right thing.

Also, look inside your current wallet – if you don’t have enough money in it to buy what you desire then go home. Stop window shopping.



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