“Dats tru.”

Lately, I have been feeling myself second guess the things I say and do. There are definitely some kinda internal changes that are creepin up on me. This is a personal “exercise” that I do to check myself on who I am as I acknowledge a few of the truest things that make me feel like my authentic unapologetic self. Maybe I’ll write it in a third person perspective for better effect

1. She not a big fan of hanging out in large group settings, does better and enjoys life in a more organic manner when placed in intimate groups of 8 or less people


2. She feels an absurd amount of accomplishment from the pen movement of checking shit off a to-do list

2a. Her current 11-month relationship with bullet journaling has kept her entertained, continuously obsesses over brands of pens and scrolls through instagram’s bujo community late at night

3. She creates an illusion in her online banking activity by having a separate savings account. She feels financially safer and emotionally comforted even with her horrible spending habits

y dis meme so tru doe

4. Cute aggression behavior is 100% true for Pajtsua’s quick turn of attention for babies and small animals and Charles

5. Putting on a pair of good-fitted underwear after a hot shower in the morning will immediately set a positive attitude for the day

6.  Do not give her nicknames without her permission. This is more of a public service announcement than a fact

6a. Length of time you have known her and quality of inside jokes can determine approval of nickname

7. Pachoua will continue to eat spicy korean ramen noodles no matter how much they hurt her

8. Tupperware must create squeaky clean sounds in order for Pajtsua to feel validated in the dishwashing process

9. Notice: the occasional unfriending & unfollowing spree. Sorry not sorry, she will do it overtime


No strong ending to this compilation, thanks for reading -PCL


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