New year “resolutions” or lemme just try to create better habits

Sometimes it takes the motivation and excitement of a brand new year and everyone talkin about another trip around the sun for me to reflect on habits I’ve developed. There’s some good ones, but I definitely need to replace bad habits with mindfulness and better ways to experience life. Here’s a list of true bad habits that I want to get rid of and how I will attempt to make this year awesome. Here goes nothin ….


1. Let’s start off simple: this year, I want to wear sunscreen every day even when it’s not super sunny outside. I will apply EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 to my face and neck errday without hesitation. I am no longer going to take my skin for granted. PSA to all 20-something year olds: we not getting any younger, wrinkles will come without protection from the sun. Find one that works for your skin!

2. In 2018, I will strive to use up an entire beauty product that I love before buying a new one to try. If I absolutely need to, I will try to get sample sizes of new products before purchasing anything full-sized. Your gurl is basically tryin to hit pan on eyeshadow palettes and empty out as many containers as she can.

3. Pajtsua’s gonna get better at speaking and writing Hmoob: this has been a challenge for me because lately I find myself stuttering and messin up on my tones when I speak to my parents. It’s sad and I don’t know why it’s happening, maybe I am just intimidated by my mom because she aint afraid to correct me and laugh in my face when I mess up ha. Kuv mam xyaum hais lus Hmoob kom meej thiab rau siab sau ntawv Hmoob vim peb cov lus no tseem ceeb rau kuv. Yog lawm hnub kuv xav kom kuv cov menyuam txawj hais lus Hmoob, kuv yuavtsum tau xyaum tam sim no! Leejtwg xav nrog kuv xyaum? 

hey-girl-i-washed-your-makeup-brushes-while-you-were-sleeping-hope-thats-okay4. Bruh I really need to build the habit of washing my makeup brushes more frequently. This is something I was so lazy to do in 2017 (well basically since the time I started getting into makeup). And it’s really not good for my skin to keep reusing dirty makeup brushes ahhh! I would typically use lukewarm water and a bowl of Dawn dish soap or baby shampoo mixed with extra virgin olive oil. I feel like Michelle Phan or BubzBeauty taught me this… Does anyone have a more effective method? I’m leaning toward “do it yourself” or other cheaper alternatives. Please share your wisdom.

5. I enjoy “purging” things I don’t use or need around the house, including gently used clothes, shoes, jewelry, and makeup. However, I need to be more mindful about where I am donating. Instead of just dropping off garbage bags full of my old crap at a convenient Goodwill location, I’m going to do more research on local organizations that could find actual use for whatever I want to purge, like domestic violence shelters or support groups for young girls. If you have an org in mind, please share. I am willing to donate to any place between La Crosse and Milwaukee. I’m also up for trading if you’re looking for new pieces! Who else tryin to recycle and reuse?

6. “Debate or na” … I’m have been blessed with a tight knit group of friends in Milwaukee and we enjoy civilly debating and talking about controversial issues. It’s been our thing to openly express how we would answer questions like, “do you believe in soulmates” or “what is a feminist” as a way to understand different points of view and get to know each other better. In 2018, I want to make it a habit to avoid talking quav about people and have more discussions about ideas! Gossip is such a toxic and cheap form of conversation and I’m not tryin live that life.

tenor.gif7. Another “resolution” I’m setting for myself is to lift heavier things at the gym. I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t been seeing a lot of “change” in my body or growth to how I feel when I workout. Charles mentioned that I need to do reps with heavier weights. I want to do that but I also need to find a way to feel more confident with using the machines and lift around other people who clearly know what they’re doin. Just like the rest of America in January, I’m tryin get off my butt and get to the gym or at least get on my yoga mat at home so I can get dem endorphins flowin’.

8. This year, I’m going to use all the groceries that I buy before it goes bad/expires. My garbage bag is probably tired of holding all my wilted vegetables, moldy fruits, and week-old leftovers that I didn’t want to finish. I will typically always get:
♦ green onion & cilantro
♦ firm tofu
♦ ginger
♦ limes
♦ bok choy
—and I just did a lil bit of research that I’ll definitely put to the test. Ohey thanx BuzzFeed and Clean My Space! I’m not tryin to waste food (and money) this year!

giphy9. Why do I always fall asleep during movies? W h y! Maybe this year I will watch an entire movie without falling asleep, specifically in those beautiful Marcus cinema dreamlounger chairs. They’re so comfortable that I have slept through loud fighting scenes! Who’s tryin watch Wonder Woman, Justice League and War for the Planet of the Apes with me becuz I think I missed the important parts…

10. This last one is kind of a challenge for me (and contradicts #9 a lil bit but whatevs). This year I’ve been rewatching a lot of the same TV shows on Netflix and listening to the same playlists on Spotify as a form of “white noise” in the background when I drive, cook, or get ready for work in the morning. This year, I’m going to challenge myself to listen to more podcasts and read more books/audiobooks. It’s definitely going to take conscious effort to do this because sometimes I feel exhausted from the back to back reading assignments in the grad program so I seek more “recreational” forms of entertainment that take less work to actively listen. Just gotta find the right podcasts and books and try to do less busy multitasking. Recommendations highly suggested.

There’s more to my personal growth than what is included in these 10 things. Obviously yo gurl has a lot to work on and I know that I’m gonna mess up or forget about these things. I want to learn how to communicate with Yeeleng, get better at understanding car maintenance, and get closer to God through more intentional studies and self-reflections. I want to cook more plant-based meals and eat out less often. I wanna know how to follow a realistic budget and take care of myself financially. I want to prioritize mental health, for me and people close to me. I always want to be conscious of using inclusive language. And ofc, it’ll continuously be an on-going process for me to work hard at my relationships with my family and in my relationship with Charles. I am very grateful for all that I have and all that I can be. Each year is only as great as we make it, yall.

“Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.”

Love you all.



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  1. To help with your reading goal, I’ve decided to read 30 minutes every day because that is what I suggest my students do every day. I’ll take the 30 min before I go to bed to read during the week and I’ll read right when I wake up on the weekends! So far, so good 🙂

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